Andrii Kozyriev
Product Manager

About me
I want to find a project that sets the most ambitious goals, such as conquering the global market.
I need such a project in order to realize myself as a professional and leave a mark on history for future generations.
Ready to take on the most difficult and ambitious tasks that will undoubtedly lead to the achievement of outstanding results.
I am convinced that only constant thirst for new knowledge and continuous self-development can lead to the achievement of goals.

I can be useful:
- launch new products on the market;
- find growth points based on analytics;
- conduct marketing research and effective advertising campaigns;
- generate hypotheses, as well as test them quickly and with minimal resources;
- to carry out customer development to identify user pains and search for new product development directions;
- communicate effectively with all internal customers, as well as with cross-functional teams;
- optimize payment pages;

- Business communication & collaboration
- Ability to meet deadlines
- Data Driven & multi tasking
- Agile Scrum Team management
- Prioritizing & problem solving
- Jobs to be done
- Google Analytics, Tableau
- Jira, Asana, Redmine
- SQL, Zapier
- SAP, SalesForce, Bitrix
- Unisender, MailChimp
- Axure, Balsamiq
Product Marketing Manager
KIEV, sep 2017 - dec 2018

Development of a marketing strategy for product development and its implementation Launching and analyzing marketing campaigns
Building a sales process form "0"
Hypothesis generation and testing, A / B tests
Customer development, target audience research
Search for bottlenecks and growth points
Organization of partner sales
Planning and organization of activities to ensure the growth of key metrics
Development and optimization of business processes
Negotiations and presentations
Decomposition of customer needs in the development

300+ partners connected (NDA)
Project "Expansion Team" (NDA) launched
Integrated 10+ key partners (NDA)

Product manager
KIEV, aug 2016 - sep 2017

Participation in the development of a product development strategy
Collection of information and formalization of product requirements
Integration of new payment methods
A/B tests for advertising campaign payment pages
Writing Userstory, JTBD, User Path Formation of backlog tasks for development and marketing, prioritization
Setting and monitoring tasks
Analysis and optimization of business processes
Integration of payment systems
Monitoring and market analysis
Search for new ideas and opportunities
Development of proposals for improving metrics

Launch of 5 new products (NDA), which gave the company + 20% new customers Optimization of payment pages and payment methods, which gave the company + 50% conversion to payment
Launch of New Payment Methods (NDA)

Product Manager
KIEV, mar 2012 - jul 2016

Building and maintaining long-term partnerships with customers
Analysis of funnels for all sales channels
Development of marketing strategy
Interaction with the development team and remote employees
Collect, analyze and formulate product requirements
Testing hypotheses, setting tasks and monitoring their implementation
Development and implementation of business processes from 0
Analytics of partner indicators, metrics and their optimization

Product launch (NDA)
Product launch into international markets (CIS)
Integration with key players in the market, which gave the company + 50% to revenue &
Product University
At the moment I am participating in the accelerator Period 01/03/2019 - at this moment
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Product Star
The course "How to be a product". Product management training from leading practitioners
Period 05/2018
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Kiev National University of Culture and Arts
Hotel and restaurant management
Period 2008 - 2012
Project #1
Project #2
Project #3
Project #4
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